$13,000 Donated to the Broward Health Foundation to Purchase Interactive Robot “MEDi”

Medical robot eases pediatric hospital stays

The 1000+ Club to Benefit Cancer, Inc. recently donated $13,000 to the Broward Health Foundation to purchase an interactive robot called “MEDi,” or Medicine and Engineering Designing Intelligence, with the goal of helping make doctor’s visits less stressful for children. The robot hangs out with the pediatric patients and accompanies them to various procedures. MEDi talks to the kids and even dances and sings with them. The kids experience less anxiety and pain as a result of interacting with their robot friend. Photographed above are several members of the 1000+ Club, Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital staff, and the Broward Health Foundation. A big thank you to the 1000+ Club to Benefit Cancer for their continued generosity and support of our pediatric cancer patients.

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