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The Power of One Gift

The Healthcare Hero program provides Broward Health patients and their families with a way to say “thank you” to the doctors, nurses, and staff who made a difference in their care or in the life of a family member or friend.

By making a contribution to the Broward Health Foundation in honor of a Healthcare Hero, you will help provide quality care, purchase the most state-of-the-art equipment, and support the many ongoing programs that benefit our community. It’s very possible that you or a loved one benefited from the generosity of past patients during a recent visit, so why not give back, too?

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Pay Tribute to Your Healthcare Hero Today

To make a contribution in honor of a Healthcare Hero, please complete this form and mail it with your tax-deductible gift to:

Broward Health Foundation
1201 S Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Contributions can also be made online. Please follow this link to donate online

Thank you in advance for helping to recognize those who make a difference every day in providing the best health care possible. Together, we will continue to make a difference in the health and well-being of our community one gift at a time. For a listing of Healthcare Heroes, click on the below links:

Our most recent Healthcare Heroes: Francoise Marc, RN; Andy Alvarez, RN; Jeff Spindler, RN; Cari Glass, PT; Lucas Cariolan, PT; Emanuella (Manny) Fabien, PCA; Dana Drayton, Nutritional Services; Juan Velez, RN; Sarah Pilchard, RN; Demi Walsh, RN; Traci-Ann Barrett, PCA; Arlene Michel, PCA; Roland Hernandez, MD; John Karpiak, Nurse Practitioner; Carolyn Edwards, Trauma Social Worker; Brian J. Cross, DO; Kisha Daly, RN; Kara Blanchard, RN; Tonette Alexander, RN; Johny Tryzmel, MD; Samantha Montealegre, RN; Colette Krystopher, RN; Edan Sonjaco, RN; Natalie Sanon, RN; Bonnie Fultz, RN; Jeffrey Spindler, RN; Emmanuella Fabien, PCA; Jeannelle Osbourne, PCA; Cylotte Aumoitre, PCA; Dannette Boothe, PCA; Angela Clarke, PCA; Robert Sheinberg, MD; Anna Wolf, RN; David Perloff, MD; Jim Omatseye, MD; Dwayne Mitchell, RN; Rochelle Hatcher, RN; Rosyln Achmad, RN; Keisha O’Connor, RN; Teshana Faquharson-Mcintosh, RN; Saray Diaz; Jocelyn Feliz; Beyanka Denis, RN; Brian Cross, DO *multiple Healthcare Hero recognitions; Nadege Beauchamp; Neil Miransky, DO; Paulet Royes; Ricardo Eusebio; Samantha Montealegre, RN; Monica Tingle, PCA; Jasmine Jones, RN; Sandra James, PCA; Tanisha Williams, RN; Ann Marie Laban, RN; Milica Bogdanovic-Starcevic *multiple Healthcare Hero recognitions; Heather Miller, RN; Taylor Hellstrom, RN; Aviole Jean-Pierrer, RN; Iveth Williams; John Crescitelli, DO; Jayne Baal, RN; Gennaro Selvaggi, MD; Michael Chizner, MD **multiple Healthcare Hero recognitions; Gary Garfield, MD; Kethlie Philius; Jennifer Dean; Pamela Sutton, MD; Jonathan Kamerlink, MD; Alexandra Vlachos, RN; Ahmed Osman, MD; Keisha Harden; Brent Campbell; Sonya Crooks; Alyssa Rhoades; Truc Phan; David Suderman; Pauline Samuels; Beatrice Ferguson; Anabella Potter; Orlando Ruiz; Oliver Rosario; Debi Artrip, RN; Kiley Fultz, RN; Donna Patton, RN; Vincent Burke, MD; Dominic Carreira, MD; Alexandra Vlachos, RN; Katherine Pinzon; Meryl Ruda, and Sonia Daryanani, DO, Joanna Dunk, ARNP; Dawn Atkins; Steven Naide, MD, Adele Scott-Holman, Shailesh Gupta, MD, and Valerie Sterling.

Healthcare Heroes July 2012 – Jan. 2013

Healthcare Heroes Jan. 2012 – June 2012

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