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We're Here For You

Broward Health Employee Emergency Relief Fund

The Broward Health Employee Emergency Relief Fund (BHEERF) is an emergency financial assistance program for Broward Health employees. The program was created in 2020 with an initial, one-time gift from Broward Health Foundation Board of Directors and is sustained through the community, visitors, vendors, physicians and employee contributions. Funding is made available as donations are received.

Definition of an emergency: BHEERF offers help to employees who are experiencing a financial hardship or crisis in accordance with the criteria set forth in Broward Health’s Staff Personal Leave policy. Assistance is typically provided to an employee who has experienced a loss of wages through no fault of their own, and therefore, assistance is typically used to help with housing, utilities, food or transportation. Assistance is also given when employees are faced with costly medical expenses, a death, change within their family situation.


  • The crisis must be of a devastating, major, serious, life - altering nature, directly affecting the applicant.
  • Applicant must be an active employee of Broward Health or affiliate organization.
  • Applicant must have worked at Broward Health for at least 6 months and be .5 FTE or higher.
  • Employees are eligible to receive support from this program once every 12 months.
  • Applications must be complete and include all necessary documentation, including proof of the emergency.
  • Maximum grant per year is $1,000.
  • One application per family will be reviewed. For example, if two members of the same immediate family are employed by Broward Health, only one family member can apply for help for a single crisis.



  • A serious health condition validated by an approved leave of absence in accordance with Broward Health Family and Medical Leave Act Compliance and ADA/Reasonable Accommodations policies. 

Loss of Primary Residence

  • Dwellings/contents not covered or under-covered by insurance
  • Evictions related to catastrophic events

Family Issues

  • Family matters not covered by insurance
  • Sudden loss of income resulting from one or more of the following:
  • Death of spouse, domestic partner or dependent
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner ineligibility for unemployment or severance
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner Layoff
  • Divorce 
  • Single parenthood


Step 1: Employee must submit application (online or print) and documentation for assessment of need and eligibility. Please return completed application to the Broward Health Foundation by mail, email or fax:

Step 2: Application and pertinent documentation are prepared for committee review if employee meets the criteria set forth in this document and in accordance with other hardship programs. If information is needed to validate medical need, HR will be contacted.

Step 3: Application will be reviewed by the review committee, which is a subset of the BHF’s board of directors. Note:
Identity of the applicant will be anonymous to the committee.

Step 4: The Review Committee will meet once per month to review applications. Applicants will be notified by letter of the committee’s decision after each meeting.

Step 5: If the Committee approves the request (by majority rule), checks will be made payable to the applicant and the applicant will be provided with instructions on the process to obtain the check.