Nurse Residency Program

Nurse Residency Program

Nurse Residency Program

Broward Health Nurse Residency program provides the novice nurse with the knowledge base, skill set and structured support needed to transition to competence in clinical nursing practice. The residency program supplements the traditional hospital and unit orientations. One of the primary goals of the program is to improve the residents’ critical thinking skills and ability to manage outcomes data to promote patient safety.

Broward Health’s Nurse Residency Program is designed in conjunction with the Galen Center for Professional Development. The focus of the program content is on development of residents’ leadership skills, clinical competence, application of outcomes data to patient care improvements and professional development. The program bridges the gap between undergraduate education and “real-life” professional nursing practice, delivering state-of-the art care.


  • Obtain a ADN or BSN degree from an accredited school of nursing
  • Current and clear Florida licensure as a Registered Nurse
  • Graduate from an approved nursing school within the past year with less than six months employment as a Registered Nurse
  • Maintain Current American Heart Association Basic Life Support Health Care Provider Card required
  • Satisfy all application requirements as stated by Broward Health
  • Commit to two-year, full time commitment with Broward Health
  • Previous clinical experience for those seeking Acute Care and Specialty Care positions. This may include previous such as externships, senior practicums, or have taken specific courses as part of your nursing curriculum for these specialty areas strongly preferred.

Residency Classes

Broward Health's Nurse Residency Program provides monthly Debrief Seminars for cohorts that are established throughout the year. To apply, please visit If you have any questions, please contact Sylvia Jones, Coordinator Nurse Residency Programs at 954-888-3519.

Apply to the Program

  1. Apply to the position of Registered Nurse, Resident on the Broward Health careers webpage.

  2. Submit the following documents to complete the application process. This must be done during the application period.
    1. A professional resume should include:
      • GPA - overall GPA accompanied by unofficial transcripts
      • Employment History - organization, dates, job title, responsibilities
      • Volunteer Service - name of organization, role, and responsibilities
      • Leadership - roles in work, school or service organization; honors & awards
    2. Academic clinical experiences: institution name, unit, dates and brief descriptions of care provided and competencies performed
    3. Two professional letters of recommendation, one of which can be from a clinical faculty member
    4. An essay addressing the topics below:
      • Why do you want to begin your nursing career at Broward Health?
      • Why did you choose the profession of nursing?
      • Why should you be chosen for the Nurse Residency Program?
      • What are your areas of interest within Broward Health and why?

  3. Selected candidates will participate in a series of interviews with the Nurse Recruiter, Nurse and Nurse Managers. These interviews will be scheduled by the Nurse Recruiter and will conclude four to six weeks after the application period closes.

  4. Candidates offered employment at Broward Health will be contacted approximately three weeks prior to the start date indicated and further information will be given as to their start of employment. Those not receiving offers of employment will also be notified within the same timeframe with a message of appreciation for their interest in nursing at Broward Health. All accepted candidates must have a verifiable license with the Florida Board of Nursing prior to date of employment.

Program Guidelines

  • Attend and actively participate in all activities in the program including: e-learning modules, debrief seminar groups, journals and career planning. All of the program activities take place during paid hours off the unit.
  • Complete all assignments in the program which may include: projects, online courses, classes, journals and develop career goals.
  • Complete all program evaluation and participant satisfaction surveys
  • There is a financial commitment by Broward Health to the residency program for each resident. Broward Health asks that each resident also commit to Broward Health for a period of two clinical years, which is supported by a $5,000 obligation to Broward Health by the resident if the agreement is not fulfilled.


What is a Nurse Residency Program?

The Nurse Residency Program at Broward Health is a structured competency based immersion orientation program. The year-long program provides a series of learning experiences designed to support new nurses as they transition into professional nursing practice.

What are the criteria for admission?
  • New graduates who will be licensed in the state of Florida as RNs prior to the date listed below.
  • Florida licensed RNs who have less than 6 months experience as a registered nurse in a hospital setting.
Do I need to pass the NCLEX prior to applying?

You may interview and be offered a position contingent upon passing the NCLEX, however, you must have an active license prior to your first day of employment. Students looking to start after licensure will be able to apply to the next Nurse Residency Program cohort offered.

Is a BSN degree required?

ASN and BSN graduates are all eligible for the program. It is expected that ASN graduates will be committed to completion of the BSN degree within five years.

What will my schedule be during the Residency?

The first week of employment will be full time, 8-4:30pm weekdays. When you begin the unit orientation you will work the same hours as your Clinical Coach. Once orientation to the unit is completed, you will move to the regularly scheduled pattern of shifts for your position. Time dedicated to the Residency Program activities will be accommodated in your schedule.

What will I be paid while in the Residency Program?

All hours worked during the residency are paid at your regular the hired RN rate.

Is it possible to take time off during the residency?

Yes, paid leave and requests for time off will follow Broward Health policies.

Does this program replace the traditional orientation program?

No, this program complements and supplements the traditional orientation. All new graduates will complete the traditional orientation which has class, online and clinical practice experiences. The orientation will take place on the clinical unit for which the nurse is hired.

Do Nurse Residents choose their unit or are they assigned?

The Resident applies to a specific clinical area and remains in that clinical area for the duration of the Nurse Residency Program to provide optimal clinical experiences.

What staff support will Nurse Residents receive?

The Program Coordinator of the Nurse Residency Program, unit Clinical Specialists, Clinical Coaches, Debriefers and Mentors for each clinical area have experience in transitioning new nurses from students to professionals and in the clinical specialty areas they support.

The Managers participate in the interviewing and selection process for all of the Residents in her/his assigned clinical unit. In addition, the Managers are responsible for scheduling, facilitating the individualized preceptor experience, continuously revising the unit-specific orientation pathways, and evaluating the progress of each assigned Nurse Resident.

The Managers have the overall responsibility to ensure that the Nurse Residency Program provides the socialization, clinical and educational experiences for the professional growth and development of new graduate nurses at Broward Health.

Sample Residency Program Structure & Seminar Topics

Galen Center - Nurse Development Resources

Each resident is expected to complete assigned E-Learning Modules focusing on specific barriers nurse face in meeting quality and safety standards and provide successful strategies and interventions intended to increase patient safety, reduce hospital associated conditions, increase core measure compliance, and increase patient satisfaction.

Curriculum Content

E-Learning Module topics include:

  • Alarm Management
  • Skin, Pressure Ulcers
  • Medication Safety
  • Universal Protocol
  • Patient Falls
  • Hospital Acquired Infections - Prevention
  • Safety
  • Core Measures
  • Patient Satisfaction

Debrief Seminars – “Tales from the Bedside”

Monthly seminar days begin with a facilitated discussion of the residents’ experiences since the last seminar. This time allows the residents to share concerns, fears and frustrations and to ask questions. Many residents identify this part of the seminar as the most important to them.

Curriculum Content

After the discussion segment of the seminar, the focus turns to application of curriculum content to actual complex clinical scenarios.

Seminar topics include:

  • Stress management and self-care (session 7)
  • Organization of data/shift report
  • Communication between nurse/care team/physician (session 5)
  • Conflict resolution (session 3)
  • Nurse sensitive patient outcomes: Fall and pressure ulcer prevention
  • Management of the changing patient condition
  • End of life care and ethical decision making
  • Patient pain management

Mentor Circles – “Charting the Course for professional Growth”

Residents will select / or be assigned a mentor to serve as a resource to promote professional growth and participate in hospital-wide and unit based councils to drive evidence-based quality improvements.

Mentor Focus

Engagement topics include:

  • Professionalism
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Career pathway

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